Make Manufacturing, In America, Great Again

Are you proud to be an American?

To Make America Great Again, Make Manufacturing Great Again! We must bring American Pride back to American Manufacturing. Where relationships are built to last; relationships between, God, family, patriots, and friends; and between the employees and the companies. Offering the American Dream Again

“We need organized direction with focus on solid governance for manufacturing in America.

We want to help the depressed and oppressed people living in the deindustrialize communities?”

Let’s instill the effort into achieving results; To build skill, self-confidence, and wealth–the components for the American Dream.” -Leonard Smith

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American Pride Together with America First policies

American Pride:

  1. Passion to create Quality American-Made Products
  2. Team Work
  3. Love your craftsmanship and believe in our Country

American First Policies:

  • Executive Order 13797 : “Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy (OTMP)”
  • Executive Order 13788: Buy American and Hire American. Also, to include
  • Executive Order 13853: “Establishing the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council in “Qualified Opportunity Zones,”
  •  Executive Order 13845: Establishing the President’s National Council for the American Worker.

Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy

“The mission of the OTMP is to defend and serve American workers and domestic manufacturers while advising the President on policies to increase economic growth, decrease the trade deficit, and strengthen the United States manufacturing and defense industrial bases.”

Buy American and Hire American

“The OTMP shall:

(a) advise the President on innovative strategies and promote trade policies consistent with the President’s stated goals;

(b) serve as a liaison between the White House and the Department of Commerce and undertake trade-related special projects as requested by the President; and

(c) help improve the performance of the executive branch’s domestic procurement and hiring policies, including through the implementation of the policies described in Executive Order 13788 of April 18, 2017 (Buy American and Hire American).”

American Pride

“And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free And I won’t forget the men who died Who gave that right to me And I’d gladly stand up next to you And defend Her still today, Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God Bless the U.S.A…” ( Song by Lee Greenwood, God Bless the USA) Play song below.

Almost everything was made in America prior to the 1970s. We were proud to be Americans to help build our strong nation. Brave men, proudly, fought in wars; factories were filled with men and women preparing for those wars. What happened to this America, where is our loyalty? (Why do you think young people today, have no loyalty to companies?)

There is little to no American Pride for either the employees, nor the employers. Companies changed because the American economy changed.

If you love America,  join us in building our American pride again. Let’s stand together!! 

We need your help to turn this around, now is the best time because we have an America First President Trump. We also, need the following to happen:

        1. Investment in Education to Skill a Workforce
        2. Shorten Supply Chains and Lead Times
        3. Produce Quality Goods, Made In America


Make Manufacturing, In America, Great AgainFounder Leonard Smith has a long history in the manufacturing and deploying multi-million dollar projects internationally and globally (Mercedes Benz, IBM, Flextronics formerly Solectron Corporation and others). Leonard has Plant manufacturing experience in Tool and Die, Machinist, Rubber extrusion, foundry casting, apprenticeship programs, CAD/CAM and more. Degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Supply Chain, and Vested Outsourcing. He also served as Chair for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) 2015. I enjoy Automotive manufacturing. I am a proud American Patriot. (Intro Video)

Clarence Mason

Co-Founder Clarence Mason is a national and regional spokesperson. He was the First Black Radio Talk Show Host in Southern California, wrote a newspaper opinion column and authored 9 books on race relations, business and the American Culture. As a Motivational Speaker, Mason has traveled across America and the world teaching the real solution to racial tension and personal responsibility. He is uniquely qualified to defend the “American Privilege” within the black communities. He has a Political Science Degree from UC Berkeley. His experience as a Government Contract Negotiator is key for bring manufacturing back to deindustrialize areas (Potential opportunity zones) . Clarence a Navy/Vietnam Veteran, also served as a Former member of the Advisor Board: Black Voices for Trump.

Taking Manufacturing Back

Bring American pride back to American companies.

President Trump has set the stage for bringing manufacturing back, therefore it is our duty to see it through. We, the people have the power to say, Yes we agree!

We said yes years ago and are standing up in this fight to bring manufacturing back to America and those communities most affected. Our collective careers are tailored for this call to action: Business, Politics and Manufacturing.

I grew to love my team, bosses, country, and my craftsmanship. I had American Pride through and through. Then in the 80’s my life was turned upside down, my company,  job, and manufacturing moved offshore. I struggled to make it for a while, but I recreated my career with IBM. The technology giant and services company appreciated my manufacturing background. I successfully made the transition, but I  have lived long enough, trapped in this place I did not ask for: Made in China. I want Made In America again.

Together we are  ready to forge ahead to help
Make American Manufacturing Great Again.


The Manufacturing Consortium

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Our vision for the Manufacturing Consortium is Organized Governance

The Manufacturing Consortium is an association of individuals, companies, organizations and government with the objective of focused governance for the growth of manufacturing in the US.

  • Participating in common activities to promote equal trade policies, provide apprenticeship programs for young adults while utilizing retirees and senior resources as mentors.
  • Producing knowledgeable and certified human resources in the following trades: Tool & Die makers, machinist, welders, steel workers, foundry casting, mechanics, and rubber extrusion workers.
  • Produce More American Made Products (OEM to Tier 1-3 levels also aftermarket)

“We need organized direction with focus on solid governance for manufacturing in America. Who is helping the depressed and oppressed people living in these deindustrialize communities? Let’s instill the effort into achieving results? To build skill, self-confidence, and wealth, the components for the American Dream.” -Leonard Smith

“Outsourcing assembly line jobs, the implementation of discriminatory housing practices, the ‘War on Drugs’, free trade agreements like NAFTA, granting (Permanent normal trade relations) PNTR to China—all of these decisions played a significant role in the degradation of communities that were once among America’s proudest and most industrious. 
As the decline of manufacturing industries in the 1970s, “Black families also faced unique challenges when it came to escaping their dire circumstances—while white families were more or less free to leave their deindustrialized communities in search of better prospects, many black families…simply could not afford to move.” —Gerald D. Taylor Recommended article entitled: “Unmade in America Industrial Flight and the Decline of Black Communities” Copyright © 2016, Alliance for American Manufacturing

Clarence Mason has identified the 13 cities to target; These same cities happen to be in the most deindustrialize states we’ve identified and possibly the same is true for the “qualified opportunity zones.” 

Short intro video presentation

Full Video Presentation Contact Us for a copy of the Plan or Click Here


Manufacturing U.S.A News and Information

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineering- USA
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers-Canada

Nigel Southway

“Everyone knows the issuesand the situation, but little has been actively done to fix it. We are very excited about the feedback so far from all the societies and associations on the TBM Mission, and everyone involved believes it offers a great opportunity to combined efforts to get things done. Similar groups exist in the USA and we are sharing data and approaches”. (Nigel Southway, SME Topronto Past Chair 2012/13)

Keep It Made In America Research and Information
(Alliance for American Manufacturing)

“All manufacturing workers and communities have suffered because of factory job loss and industrial flight — but the impact on black workers has been profoundly and disproportionally negative.”

Industrial Flight and the Decline of Black Communities